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18-Jul-2017 10:31

But it's difficult and Tim is even provided combination libido-sedative pills to make matches easier.He eventually finds himself sent to "Denise", who the computer has decided is a perfect match for him. So I watched it with a clean slate and no expectations. I sat down to watch "Speed-Dating" without having heard anything about it previously.Everybody is sooo earnest about this piece of crap.

Charmed by a character that has the same poise as Amélie Poulain, Speed Dating is an invigorating film with a life of its own, and like many pixelated films, the opportunity is given to amplify reality with some great imagination.Dating can often become a complicated thing, and when things become desperate you often try to speed things off.Filmmaker Meghann Artes wanted to make a film that people were able to relate to, and what better relations can people have than failed relationship.I wanted to make something entertaining and relatable but I also wanted it be different and bigger than my last few films.

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I had been doing a lot of copy stand-style stop motion animation by myself, and I felt the need to scale up and spread my wings so to speak.Most of the other characters in the movie were lacking personality and failed to shine on the screen.