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Inside the cover was written, “Karen Graham, 487 Lancaster, Bridgeport, Ontario.” We moved from that tiny house way back in 1968. Equally impressive was the wide array of subjects covered in her collection.

Books on faith, on women’s issues, Canadiana, politics and philosophy, cooking, science fiction, classical literature, one called ‘How the Scots Invented the Modern World’ (a book her sticky fingers lifted from my own collection last Summer)… I did not bring back her compendium on pharmacology. Over the years, I learned the importance of declaring which books were free for the taking and which books were not to leave the premises.

This is a social networking website for people to share their ideas, life experience and stories, to seek help and to help others, to connect to people of different cultures and generations, and to make new friends!

After launching more than successful fragrance for women, The One, Dolce&Gabbana house will, at the beginning of March 2008, launch a fragrance for men named The One for Men.

Olivia said that for all conditioners, especially the three-minute hair treatments, are best left on as long as possible to get the best benefits and allow enough time for nutrients to penetrate the hair.

Gender inequality is still a huge problem among chefs, according to a cook bringing together a host of London’s female culinary talent on International Women’s Day.

If Dorothy and Toto had been anchored to that one, they never would have left Kansas. and sink into the most comfortable chair in the house, sipping her tea… Clearly, Karen held a unique understanding of the words, “not to leave the premises”.

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The notes of this fragrance are composed in accordance with the Gabbana creator's taste, who wanted to create a woody-oriental composition.

Bebe un té de menta, es efectivo si el mal aliento es digestivo.

Haz un té hirviendo hierbabuena o eucalipto y tómalo después de comer. Come melocotón en ayunas, ayuda contra el mal aliento Mezcla medio jugo de limón, con 1/4 de mango, unas ramas de hierbabuena y media taza de agua. Cepillate los dientes y usar hilo dental dos veces al día. Mezcla 1/4 de hinojo, un vaso de zumo de mango, 1/4 de perejil y un vaso de jugo de papaya. Usar colutorios o enjuagues, spray dental o masticar chicle (para ocultar el mal olor).

Eulogy delivered at a memorial service in Simcoe Ontario on September 19, 2015 Before I begin, I’d like to share something my wife’s brother mentioned to my wife last week.

Vanya has a young family with just one child, a three-year-old daughter. As I look around our extended family gathered here today, I know I couldn’t have said it any better.

Bonny Porter, founder of Balls & Company, will lay on a five-course, £50-a-head dinner prepared by the group at her Soho restaurant on March 8.