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28-Jul-2017 08:54

The relationship soon ended, but not without further hurt.[pullquote]Looking back I walked into that relationship with blinders on.They suffer immensely, but they are just as much themselves after the rape as before.

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Our relationship had turned significantly more serious by that time, so I wanted his support. “If I would have known you were sexually abused I never would have dated you.” he said. I never fathomed that he would react like that, especially since I specifically remember telling him about the sexual abuse a year Bethany When my last boyfriend and I began dating, we would see each other once a week.The in between times were filled with hour-long telephone calls before bed, a lot of getting to know you time and even more of the sickening, “No, I miss you more” fluff.A relationship can be a place of intense joy and pleasure, and at times can produce considerable heartache and distress.

Relationships where one or both parties have experienced childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault are no different.

Whether you or your partner was sexually abused or not, this will always be the case.

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The men pummeled the victim harder when he tried to defend himself, and soon two other men entered the location to join in the beating.… continue reading »

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